??? ???Bridge near Gosford, the area where Conrad escaped.

?? "Above him he could hear shouting, a bright light was shining around him, and he wondered for a moment if he might be dead. Had they shot him? He moved, pain twisted his body, and he was again tumbling through branches, bushes, grass, rolling to a stop on the ground. Above him in the distance a light was sweeping back and forth. He didn't move. If he were to die, it would have happened already.

???He lay on the ground in darkness, finally he sat and stared up towards the starry, starry, night and wondered where Zayna was. He did not hear them drive off, but thought perhaps they might be walking down to kill him. He stood up awkwardly and began the difficult struggle down through the thick bushes, following the natural landscape. After five minutes he stopped, there were no sounds reaching him except the occasional roar of a distant semi-trailer."

THIS BOOK IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REPUBLISHED, contact Marcus Clark for more info.