Recent Amnesty International documents posted on http://www.amnesty.org

* Algeria: Human rights activist sentenced to a year in prison

(MDE 28/005/2002, February 2002)

* Amnesty International Secretary General to visit Australia

(ASA 12/002/2002, February 2002)

* Colombia: As human rights emergency looms, action must be taken to protect civilians

(AMR 23/023/2002, February 2002)

* Council of Europe: A step closer to a death penalty-free zone

IOR 61/002/2002, February 2002)

* Ecuador: Pride and Prejudice: Time to break the vicious circle of
impunity for abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people

(AMR 28/001/2002, March 2002)

* Guatemala: Invitation to press conference

(AMR 34/011/2002, February 2002)

* Israel/OT/PA: Human rights must be a central part of the peace process

(MDE 15/014/2002, February 2002)

* Jamaica: Amnesty International's observation of the Braeton inquest

(AMR 38/007/2002, February 2002)

* Medical Bulletin, Vol.5, No.4, 22 February 2002

(ACT 84/004/2002, February 2002)

* Norway: Presidency of the Security Council presents an opportunity for human rights

(EUR 36/001/2002, March 2002)

* Pakistan: Amnesty International condemns killing of abducted journalist

(ASA 33/005/2002, February 2002)

* Russian Federation: Amnesty International and Greenpeace join forces on a cyber appeal for Grigory Pasko

EUR 46/011/2002, February 2002)

* Syria: Medical Action: Ill-health of three long-term political prisoners: Hatham Na'al, Faris Murad and 'Imad Shiha.

(MDE 24/004/2002, February 2002)

* Syria: Medical Action: Mustafa Dib Khalil (also known as Abu Ta'an)

(MDE 24/005/2002, February 2002)

* Africa: Diamonds:Valentine's Day 2002: for many people, diamonds do not symbolize love, but conflict, misery and poverty

(AFR 01/002/2002, February 2002)

* Amnesty International`s recommendations for the training of a civilian police force in Afghanistan

(ASA 11/005/2002, February 2002)

* Bahamas: Letter to the Prime Minister-- Fair asylum procedure for Haitian asylum seekers needed

(AMR 14/002/2002, February 2002)

* Cambodia: Flawed trials in no one's best interests
(ASA 23/001/2002, February 2002)

* Child soldiers treaty enters force: Mary Robinson plants red hands against the use of child soldiers
(ACT 76/002/2002, February 2002)

* China: Medical letter writing action: Release of Ngawang Choephel
(ASA 17/006/2002, February 2002)

* Jamaica: Justice under international spotlight -- Amnesty International sends observer to Braeton inquest
(AMR 38/006/2002, February 2002)

* Liberia: Civilians at risk as president calls for a state of emergency
(AFR 34/001/2002, February 2002)

* Mauritius: Anti-terrorist legislation must not undermine fundamental human rights
(AFR 39/001/2002, February 2002)

* Mexico: General Gallardo free at last, but justice still elusive
(AMR 41/008/2002, February 2002)

* The Wire: Vol 32, No.1, February 2002
(NWS 21/001/2002, February 2002)

* United Kingdom: No inquiry 13 years later
(EUR 45/002/2002, February 2002)

* USA: Executions would indicate empty rhetoric of State of the Union address
(AMR 51/032/2002, February 2002)

* USA: Killing costs
(AMR 51/029/2002, February 2002)

* USA: Open letter to Colin Powell, US Secretary of State, regarding the imminent execution of Thomas Miller-El
(AMR 51/033/2002, February 2002)

* Worldwide campaign to end violence against women and girls
(ACT 77/001/2002, February 2002)

* Zimbabwe: Memorandum to the SADC on the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe

(AFR 46/004/2002, January 2002)

* Zimbabwe: The unfair prosecution of parliamentarians Fletcher Dulini Ncube, Moses Mzila Ndlovu and sixteen others
(AFR 46/005/2002, January 2002)

* Afghanistan: Open letter to participants in the International Conference on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan
(ASA 11/002/2002, January 2002)

* Afghanistan: Refugees situation trapped in "no man's land" escalating
(ASA 11/001/2002, January 2002)

* Cameron: Human rights defender targeted and harassed on the eve of a major international human rights conference
(AFR 17/001/2002, January 2002)

* Colombia: Civilians once more at imminent risk
(AMR 23/004/2002, January 2002)

* Colombia: No peace and no future without human rights
(AMR 23/008/2002, January 2002)

* El Salvador: 10th anniversary of Peace Accords, still no justice for victims of human rights violations
(AMR 29/001/2002, January 2002)

* Indonesia: Amnesty International delegation to visit Papua )
(ASA 21/001/2002, January 2002

* Israel/Occupied Territories: Demolition of houses is an act of collective punishment
(MDE 15/005/2002, January 2002)

* Pakistan: Crackdown on sectarian violence must not jeopardize rights
(ASA 33/001/2002, January 2002)

* Refugee protection is human rights protection: Amnesty International statement to the Ministerial Meeting of States Parties to the 1951 Refugee Convention and/or its 1967 Protocol.
(IOR 51/011/2001, December 2001)

* Uganda: Police use excessive force to stifle freedom of assembly
(AFR 59/001/2002, January 2002)

* USA: AI calls on the USA to end legal limbo of Guantánamo prisoners )
(AMR 51/009/2002, January 2002

* USA: Arbitrary, discriminatory, and cruel: an aide-mémoire to 25 years of judicial killing
(AMR 51/003/2002, January 2002)

* USA: Arbitrary, discriminatory, cruel, futile -- 25 years of judicial killing
(AMR 51/007/2002, January 2002)

* Uzbekistan: Former prisoners of conscience from Uzbekistan to speak about their experiences
(EUR 62/002/2002, January 2002)

* Zimbabwe: SADC's "Quiet Diplomacy" should not be silent acquiescence in human rights violations
(AFR 46/002/2002, January 2002)

* Zimbabwe: SADC must take a firm stance now to avert civil strife (AFR 46/001/2002, January 2002)

14 December, 2001
Recent Amnesty International documents

* Afghanistan: Clean surrender needed
(ASA/003/2001, December 2001)

* Afghanistan: Refugees fleeing the war are an international responsibility
(ASA/044/2001, December 2001)

* Afghanistan: The first International Human Rights Day of the 21st Century Global Coalition for Human Rights - a must
(ASA/047/2001, December 2001)

* Afghanistan: Video footage strengthens the case for an urgent inquiry
(ASA/046/2001, December 2001)

* Amnesty International briefing on the deteriorating human rights situation in Aceh for participants in the ASEAN Regional Forum (AFR), July 2001
(ASA 21/020/2001, June 2001)

* Bolivia: Asesinato de sindicalista no debe quedar impune
(AMR 18/011/2001, December 2001)

* Guatemala: Shadow of Dos Erres massacre over new Minister of Interior (AMR 34/045/2001, December 2001)

* Guinea-Bissau: Amnesty International concerned about arrests after alleged coup attempt
(AFR 30/017/2001, December 2001)

* India: Civilian deaths in Kashmir are unacceptable
(ASA 20/051/2001, December 2001)

* Lebanon: Amnesty International delegates concludes mission in Lebanon (MDE 18/026/2001, December 2001)

* Liberia:Independent human rights monitors urgently needed as civilians are increasingly targeted in conflict
(AFR 34/014/2001, December 2001)

* Medical Bulletin, Vol.4, No.25, 7 December 2001
(ACT 84/025/2001, December 2001)

* Message delivered by the Chair of Amnesty International to Kofi Annan as he hands over 10,000 letters and petitiions: Media Advisory
(ORG 10/016/2001, December 2001)

* Myanmar/Thailand: Nowhere to run
(ASA 16/024/2001, December 2001)

* Pakistan: Young offenders taken off death row: News flash
(ASA 33/029/2001, December 2001)

* Pursuing justice, not revenge: Amnesty International's position on bringing to justice those responsible for the crimes of 11 September and for abuses committed in Afghanistan
(ACT 30/068/2001, December 2001)

* Refugee Convention - a Convention for the 21st century
(IOR 51/010/2001, December 2001)

* Russian Federation: Abolish the death penalty -- Amnesty International convenes US activists in Moscow for debate on justice instead of vengeance
(EUR 46/029/2001, December 2001)

* Russian Federation: Amnesty International addresses the Russian Parliament to urge abolition of the death penalty
(EUR 46/030/2001, December 2001)

* UK: Inquiry needed into Stobie murder
(EUR 45/026/2001, December 2001)

* United States of America: Letter to Fulton County District Attorney concerning the forthcoming death penalty trial of Jamil Al-Amin in Atlanta, Georgia
(AMR 51/179/2001, December 2001)

* USA: Marking "Human Rights Week" with two executions
(AMR 51/180/2001, December 2001)

AMNESTY DOCUMENTS RELEASED POSTED 07/12/2001 on http://www.amnesty.org

* A human rights framework for the protection of security: Submission by Amnesty International to the Group of Specialists on Human Rights and the Fight against Terrorism established by the Steering Committee on Human Rights of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers
(IOR 61/005/2001, November 2001)

* Afghanistan: Amnesty International dismayed at UK rejection of inquiry
(ASA 11/038/2001, November 2001)

* Afghanistan: Inquiry into Qala-i-Jhangi fort killings must not be swept under the carpet
(ASA 11/042/2001, December 2001)

* Afghanistan: Secretary General to visit Pakistan
(ASA 11/039/2001, December 2001)

* Afghanistan: Surrender must comply with the laws of war
(ASA 11/043/2001, December 2001)

* Australia: Asylum seekers - where to now?
(ASA 12/010/2001, December 2001)

* Bangladesh: Attacks on members of the Hindu minority
(ASA 13/006/2001, December 2001)

* Bangladesh: Hindu minority must be protected
(ASA 13/007/2001, December 2001)

* Chile: Human Rights Day -- Another day without knowing the truth about the "disappeared"
(AMR 22/018/2001, December 2001)

* Indonesia: Appeal for rapid action: Harassment of human rights defenders in Papua
(ASA 21/046/2001, September 2001)

* Israel/Occupied Territories: The spiral of revenge must stop immediately
(MDE 15/109/2001, December 2001)

* Israel: Respect of Fourth Geneva Convention must be ensured by High Contracting Parties meeting in Geneva
(MDE 15/108/2001, December 2001)

* Italy: G8 Genoa policing operation of July 2001
(EUR 30/012/2001, November 2001)

* Myanmar: Nobel laureate still under house arrest
(ASA 16/023/2001, December 2001)

* Nepal: Fear for safety/fear of "disappearance"
(ASA 31/015/2001, December 2001)

* Nepal: State of emergency may go too far
(ASA 31/014/2001, November 2001)

* No sustainable peace without human rights: Amnesty International in Oslo at the Centennial Nobel Peace Prize
(ORG 10/010/2001, December 2001)

* Open letter by the Secretary General of Amnesty International to the Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic
(EUR 44/088/2001, December 2001)

* OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2001: Statements issued by Amnesty International
(IOR 30/001/2001, November 2001)

* OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting: Human Rights - Advocacy and Defenders: Statements issued by Amnesty International
(IOR 30/002/2001, November 2001)

* Peace and Human Rights: The Unbreakable Bond: Nobel Peace Prize Centennial Symposium - Delivered by Colm O'Cuanachain, Chair of Amnesty International's International Executive Committee
(ORG 10/012/2001, December 2001)

* United States of America: Memorandum to the US Attorney General - Amnesty International's concerns relating to the post-11 September investigations
(AMR 51/170/2001, November 2001)

* USA: Human rights must not be sacrificed for security
(AMR 51/174/2001, December 2001)