This page is devoted to spiritual values, our journey along the PATH of life, the big picture. Everyone has their own path, and while it turns out that we are all walking the same path, each of us is at a different place along it than those around them.

  We each have different needs, different aspirations, but each of us is on the PATH, the same rocky path that traverses mountains, streams, deserts. Along the way you will meet others as our paths wind around the mountains and cross, or perhaps you will see others in the distance. Sometimes we can help them by telling them what lies ahead, or warning them of where we tripped and fell. We are also given opportunities and tests (like Survivor!) opportunities to help others even though it may not seem to benefit us.

How did we get on this Path? There are many who believe that we chose our Path before we were born. Before? Yes.

Many people believe that they have a soul. An everlasting soul. Fine. But when did this soul come into being? At the moment of birth? Where was the soul before birth? If a soul is going to last all eternity, maybe it is possible that it has already been in existance for a billion years.

 Some people believe that we choose the conditions of our birth priour to being born, we select the goals we need for our spiritual development, we select our parents, our friends, our culture, so that we may learn the lessons we need to.

  Could that be?

  Most holy books don't mention this. They don't say it is either right or wrong, just as they don't mention television, space travel, heart surgery, or computers. This is just something to consider. Don't accept it if does not fit your beliefs. Just look at it for a moment, and if it doesn't feel right, let it go. Maybe one day you will come back to it.