E-Book is short for Electronic Book. It is a book that is read in electronic form, on your computer or electronic handheld--there is no paper. There are broadly two different types, those that are read on a PC (or Mac) desktop computer and those that are read on hand-held devices like the Rocket Reader.

E-books that are read on desktop computers are becoming more and more common. The type used on this site are for use on desktop or laptop computers. I have used the e-book creator and PDF.

I have created the width of the page to suit most readers. When you close down the Active E-book it remembers the last chapter you were up to. Next time you open the e-book, it will go directly to the START of that chapter. So it is best to read to the end of a chapter, click on the new chapter, then exit. That way you will be taken to the start of the new chapter when you open the e-book again.

    Before you can read an Active e-book you will need to have MS Internet Explorer 4 or later on your PC. You probably have it, even if you don't use it.

The other common type of e-book is the Adobe PDF Reader. The advantage of this file is that it can be read by Macs as well as PCs.

It is very important that you set your PDF reader to remember the page you last opened. Otherwise you will soon lose track of what page you were up to and abandon reading it.

Adobe Reader will open at the last page you used if you have it set correctly. Go to EDIT/ PREFERENCES/ STARTUP, select RE-OPEN ALL FILES. When you want to read the next page, use the arrows at the bottom, near the page number, not the scroll bar!

If you still have trouble, check that you are not deleting the page information in programs like Spybot. And if you still have trouble, use the HTML (.exe) version.

DOWNLOAD Adobe reader 6, click HERE.