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I was born in Sydney, Australia. I left school at 14, started work delivering telegrams in the city at 15, became a apprentice telephone technician at 16, quit when I was 18. I left home, and travelled around the bush for six months mostly fruit picking. I returned to Sydney (broke), got a job with Plessy, moved to Kings Cross in 1963, in 1964 I moved to Coogee Beach, 1965 to Melbourne, where I married. We went to Perth for a few years, then to Brisbane. I mostly worked with telecommunications equipment.

At Orange, NSW, 1963

My philosophical beliefs are too complex to expound here, but in a few words are: Pantheism, selected Eastern thought, with a large spoon of rational thought mixed in. Have a read of SOUL FOOD and you will get the idea.

I have a keen interest in human rights and the historical events we are living through each day.

In my novels I combine recent events with an overlay of fiction, intertwining the two. I have written eight books; the ones that are currently available are:

EXIT VISA : (FREE E-BOOK) A factual novel about the aftermath of the Vietnam war, in a vivid and gripping narrative, it chronicles the horrors experienced by those who fled after the fall of Saigon.

TERRORISTS: (FREE E-BOOK) Conrad Warren is out of work and broke when he is offered a job to infiltrate a terrorist cell in his home town, Sydney. Australian Security tell him that Palestinians have arrived from London to carry out the assassination of a visiting Israeli politician. All Conrad has to do is report on their plans, and then Security will take care of the terrorists. What could possibly go wrong?

THE MYSTERY OF DARKSON HOUSE: (FREE E-BOOK) A Mystery Book for girls, ages 8-15. This story, while exploring a mystery, explains two different ways of thinking: logical and intuitive.

PHOTO E-BOOK OF SYDNEY: (FREE E-BOOK) There are 63 large colour photographs of Sydney with written background information. The photographs show the splendour of Sydney harbour, the Opera House and the grittiness of Kings Cross. Along with each photo there is information about the picture.

NINE SHORT STORIES: (FREE E-BOOK) Nine short stories set in Australia, some amusing, some serious, but all easy to read and enjoyable.

TEN SHORT STORIES: (FREE E-BOOK) The long-awaited VOLUME 2 OF SHORT STORIES is finally here! But waityour dreams have come true: It comes complete with a SEX PACK! Yes, 6 stories dealing with what Shakespeare called "country matters".

JACKO'S GANG: (FREE E-BOOK) A novel for teenagers, dealing with individuality.
Jacko's Gang is about learning to have the courage to stand up when everyone else is sitting down: to be an individual.

THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION: (FREE E-BOOK) This novel is about living on the edge of nuclear war. In this story -- set in America during the Cuban Missile Crisis — the world edges towards total war day by day. President Kennedy is trying to find a way out of the predicament without recourse to war, but the armed forces feel confident about attacking the Soviet Union in one all out war, certain they would win.

My intention is to write novels that will involve the reader so that they are absorbed into the story, and into the "events" that they are reading about.

I don't have favourite authors, but favourite books: Rabbit at Rest (John Updike); The Black Prince (Iris Murdoch); the Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck); What I Lived for (Joyce Carol Oates) — to name a few favourites. I also particularly like auto/ biographies: The Passion of Ayn Rand (Barbara Branden; My Years with Ayn Rand (Nathaniel Branden); Wild Swans (Jung Chang); Life and Death in Shanghai (Nien Cheng); Shot Through the Heart (Mikal Gilmore).

I also have an strong interest in photography, as demonstrated by my E-Book of Sydney.

I am interested in PCs because they are so versatile, you can write, listen to music, store photos, look at slide shows, communicate with email, visit locations anywhere in the world, find information--or just mess around with them trying to get everything just right (which is a type of unsolvable Microsoft puzzle).

WEB ADDRESS: https://marcus-clark.com/